"The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people." - Tim Berners-Lee.


The Internet is one of the broadest things you can come across today, and it is so interconnected with the world we live in. Therefore, regardless of how much you are invested in the internet, you need to have an idea of what happens in the world of the internet. We are talking about new updates, privacy concerns, brand-new features, and other aspects. Of course, considering how happening the entire scene is, catching up with such updates can be a difficult affair. Being one of the internet-based blogs out there, TechRT wants to make this possible and easier. Here, you can find an impressive variety of updates from the world of the web.

This category at TechRT is comprised of different subcategories, such as social media, the internet of things, social media marketing, etc. In addition to these, you can expect in-depth coverage on popular websites and web apps on the internet. In particular, we will be providing you with on-time updates on how the internet is shaping the world around us. For instance, our news subsection from the Internet category will consist of updates from the world of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance. Similarly, we will talk about a number of privacy concerns that you may have regarding social media platforms and other websites.

We also talk about internet security quite seriously. We understand that our readers are not 100% safe from the variety of web-based threats that they might come across. Therefore, we believe we should provide in-depth coverage of the new types of threats and how to stay away from them. Some of the topics that we may talk about include phishing, identity theft, malware, and staying protected from these problems. Last but not least, you can find detailed how-to tutorials on navigating through the new websites and features on the web.