“The technology you use impresses no one. The experience you create with it is everything.” – Sean Gerety


Technology is one of the broadest terms you can come across today due to obvious reasons. However, when you think about it, technology is also the most dynamic word. It has had different meanings attached to it in every age. For instance, if you look at the pre-industrialization age, technology meant huge machines that took up a roomful of space. On the other hand, in the twenty-first century, we have multiple subsections for technology. More importantly, the technology space has a noticeable impact on everyone’s life nowadays. It is also one of the driving forces of today’s civilization. Therefore, most people do not have a reason not to stay up to date about technology.

Being a tech blog, TechRT is committed to reporting a number of aspects related to technology, such as news updates, how-to tutorials, listicles, reviews, analytical pieces, and other types of content. All these are published with the collective intention of helping our readers live better. For instance, our news reports make sure that you are updated about what is happening in the tech sphere. On the other hand, our how-to tutorials provide a step-by-step guide to using brand-new tech and features. As you can guess, we have a lot of subcategories such as computers, internet, wearables, smart tech, etc.

We also understand that the world of technology can be confusing for some people. There are traps that a typical user has to stay away from. As technology is becoming more pervasive, the number of threats is also on the rise. For instance, we are seeing a higher number of privacy concerns across the internet and hacking attempts. Therefore, one needs the right set of advice to keep themselves safe in the world. As a group of people who have been well-versed with tech from the early days, we take it upon ourselves to provide you with the best tech advice there is.