“The iPhone was not just a communication tool but it’s a way of life.” – Steve Jobs


iPhone is a lineup of smartphones that are designed and marketed by Apple Inc. These devices are powered by iOS, the official smartphone Operating System from Apple. iPhone devices are known for their easy-to-use interface and richness of features. It is also one of the most profitable devices that Apple has made over the past decades. The first iPhone was introduced in 2007, but the company has managed to come up with iterations almost every year. iPhone devices are closely connected to the Apple ecosystem, within which users find better compatibility and inter-device connectivity.

Like Mac laptops from Apple, iPhone devices are also known for their exclusivity, especially in terms of the UI and software. iOS, the official Operating System, is not available to any other manufacturer. As a result, the impressive collection of apps and features keeps attracting more customers to iPhone. For instance, the app store is now home to more than 2.2 billion apps optimized for iPhone. Because there are only a limited number of iPhone devices, Apple is able to launch optimized software and ensure the quality of experience in the long run.

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