Eat. Sleep. Game. Repeat.


With the advent of technology, the definition and dimension of gaming have changed quite drastically. The word ‘gaming’ can mean a sheer variety of things, including but not limited to video games and smartphone games. Entire gaming culture has been developed over these years, giving rise to other subcultures like streaming and gaming consoles. To be honest, it is not surprising if one finds it difficult to keep track of the happenings in the gaming industry. At TechRT, we want to simplify this task by giving you a 360-degree coverage of the gaming world. Of course, we increase our coverage to different subcategories to make it possible.

A group of professional and occasional gamers ourselves, we understand the breadth of the gaming world. On one side, we have the world of PC gamers who are obsessed with better processors and beefy graphics cards. On the other hand, we have console gamers who are waiting for the best consoles like PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. We see both these worlds equally and want to provide the best options for tech advice and tutorials. As a result, you can find an incredible variety of gaming tutorials and content on this website.

For instance, if you are looking for a list of the best games for PS5 or Xbox, you can find it here. On the other hand, if you are confused about choosing one of the two graphics cards from NVIDIA or AMD, you can find an answer here. We also make sure that we come up with on-time reviews of popular products in the gaming sector, including but not limited to gaming accessories. Since we cannot ignore the world of streaming and competitive gaming, we also bring you updates from the dynamic world. At the end of the day, you will find everything you need to catch up with the gaming world.